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 **ATTN: All Clients** On March 18th, 2014 — Blake James Design has merged with dB Arcade and has relocated offices to Nashville, TN.  All Blake James Design clients will still receive full support for previously completed websites and design projects…. and now you have the benefit of working with a full team of talented website creators, developers, and designers.

Don’t worry Colorado Clients — Regular visits are still made to Colorado & the Denver area. Check out dB Arcade’s recent website launch for Colorado Timberframe – A premier timber frame custom home builder!


Isn’t WordPress just for blogs?

No, it’s not! That’s the best part… All the easy content editing capabilities available in WordPress can be utilized by your business website! This means that you can have full control over your content. Wherever, whenever!

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Can WordPress grow with my business?

Yes, absolutely! You have the ability to add as many pages, subpages, and posts as you need. We can also add new features to your site whenever you want. We haven’t experienced any limitations yet… What ever you need your site to do, we can get WordPress to do it for ya!

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But I need online store functionality…

Perfect, because WordPress has many different options to choose from when dealing with online stores. We have uploaded over 2,800 products to a single store before… all while handling automatic price and stock changes for drop-shipping. You also can have a fully comprehensive invoice management area in the administration side of your site. WordPress stores are pretty impressive once you get them set up and running!

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